Client Testimonials

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Jennifer is keepin it 100!


Jennifer is amazing!


Very good


I trust you!


Jennifer is amazing!!!!! She is the best. Excellent


I feel comfortable with Jennifer.


She listens and give good feedback.


Great experience working with Jennifer!!


Thank you Jennifer for our 3 sessions


Wonderful. I felt heard. She was so easy to talk to.


She is very kind and professional therapist. I appreciate her insight .


She’s amazing and helps in so many ways! I am so lucky I found her


Respectful, knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend.


Jennifer was a great listener and so understanding.


Supportive and knowledgeable. Helps me stay on topic.


She goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable. Great experience!


She is super supportive and caring. She also helps provide many supportive activities things that help.


A very genuine, caring therapist. We are lucky to have her. She fits our needs/dynamic perfectly.


Jennifer has been great in the very little time we spent together. She’s very insightful and gives great feedback.


She is AMAZING! How does she know how to help in such a simple yet profound way? She is phenomenally capable!!!


Jennifer is helpful and knowledgeable. She is very responsive and always willing to checkin with her clients!


She is professional, understandable, and kind. She is able to help me see insights into different issues. She has helped me!


Jennifer is the one for me.


I am so happy to be working with Jennifer. She has helped me so much.


Jennifer is very understanding and has been great about providing actions I can take to help alleviate anxiety.


Jennifer is great and I appreciate your help so much!! Highly, Highly recommend her!!! :)


Jennifer is GREAT!! She’s been so supportive during a very difficult time. She is very knowledgeable and is so caring. I appreciate her so much!


Jennifer’s support and expertise have been essential in dealing with a very stressful period of my life. I would definitely recommend her.


Jennifer is helpful and a wonderful therapist! She is positive, listens and helps you find the best resources for you. You will not regret working with her.


Jennifer was great to work with. I always felt like she valued our time and was very efficient in the sessions, helping us right away. I would definitely recommend working with her.


Jennifer is the best listener! She provides wisdom and insight to her support. Everyone lucky to have Jennifer as a therapist will benefit greatly. Thank you to Jennifer and BetterHelp!


Jennifer is beyond attentive to detail and wastes no time in building a goal-plan for you! She is great with validation and affirmations and makes you feel well-listened to and cared for. I couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone!


We felt that she cared about us. She was easy to communicate with during and between sessions.

 I also liked how she'd reach out if we haven't communicated in a while to see how we were doing. Jenny is great a


Jennifer has done an amazing job working with us to improve communication and increase our capabilities to envision and build towards the future. She gives practical advice, workbook, book recommendations and lots of praise. Highly recommend!


I adore her! She makes me feel like I am more than just another therapy appointment and checks on me in the time between sessions. She is extremely accommodating of my crazy schedule also. I cannot get enough of her and I won't stop my sessions as long as possible


She is amazing. She doesn’t just listen. She offers tools for growth in your relationship.

Jennifer has helped me heal and grow in so many ways. I’m forever grateful and would highly recommend her!


I’ve only had two sessions with Jennifer so far but I already see a huge difference in my mood since I began talking with her. She’s so attentive and listens to everything that’s on my mind. I look forward to continuing therapy with her!


Jennifer has helped me with my anxiety and always validated my feelings. She is always very attentive to your emotional state and does regular checkups on you. She has very good OCD advice and marriage advice! I recommend her :)


Jennifer is amazing, her empathy, compassion, expertise, and understanding provide insight and tools that help me unpack my emotions and understand myself better than ever before.


She very punctual and is always checking in which is most appreciated. We’ve only visited with her 3 times so I feel I need some more time to really give a more thorough review. So far we are really pleased.


My sessions with Jennifer have greatly improved my mindset, day to day coping and overall mental well being. Her ability to really listen and then synthesize healthy, positive ways to cope (that suit me) have given me a feeling of empowerment that I haven't had in a long time.


Jennifer has helped me learn self love and how to set healthy boundaries in my life. She is always so kind and meets me exactly where I am. It’s so nice to have someone help you get through and figure out life. All the exercises she has me do always seams to help. I’m very grateful to have signed up for better help and meet Jennifer.


Jennifer is super sweet and always in tune with your emotions and needs as a person. I really like her and I would recommend her to anybody who needs a therapist who is smart, kind, can give good homework, is receptive, and very good at finding ways to calm down your anxiety!


Jennifer has been extremely helpful in the very short time that I have been working with her. I appreciate her insights and ability to help me re-evaluate my thoughts and feelings.


Jennifer is a God send. She is not only my therapist she is my confidant and friend. I love our sessions. It’s like a massage for my brain. ❤️


I like the fact she has a plan for me.


I have been working with Jennifer for two months now and am so grateful for her wisdom, guidance and flexibility. She listens and responds kindly. I highly recommend her for your therapy needs.


She is kind and caring. She is very perceptive when it comes to understanding where you are coming from. She supportive and is very willing to help. She does a wonderful job!


She is so wonderful, loving and caring. She listens and cares about you and what you are talking and going through.


Jennifer is kind and caring. She responds in a timely manner and always let's you know she's there for you even on days you don't have a session. I am grateful for her help on my healing journey


Jennifer is a wonderful listener and responds accurately. Asks the good questions and helps you think. Has all the tools you need as well.


Working with Jennifer has been great, it’s great to have someone listen with insight and offer practices and tools that have been very impactful in my experience so far. Looking forward to my next session!


Jennifer is extremely kind and compassionate. She has a very calming presence and exudes hope and positivity in every interaction. She is very skilled at what she does and if you put in the work you will see fantastic results with her.


Jennifer is easy to talk to, very supportive and responsive. Highly recommend.


Jennifer is amazing! She’s helped me soooo much in such short time I’ve been working with her. She’s truly the best


My counselor has been a tremendous support to me. I’m learning so much about myself and how to cope with situations that come up in my life. I’m glad I picked her as my counselor.


Jennifer is incredible - She empowers me in ways I never thought possible. I would recommend her to everyone I know.


Jenny has been critical in increasing my confidence and helping improve relationships in my life. I am so happy to have her by my side through my struggles.


Kind, very patient and understanding. Very approachable. And appreciate she reaches out between sessions.


Jennifer is compassionate, knowledgeable and has helped me very much. I look forward to our sessions!


She has helped me to get involved in outside activities. She offered me 2 suggestions to get started. I appreciate her thoughtfulness and kindness.


She is great! She is a good listener, and encouragement


Extremely considered, and kind. Love her worksheets. Received very useful knowledge of my situation!


Jennifer has been nothing but sweet and supportive of me, she validates my thoughts and opinions.


Jennifer always takes time to check in on me and respects my needs, taking time to understand my struggles.


She’s been absolutely fantastic!!! I’m so pleased with my experience with Jennifer and I’m so excited about my future progress I’ll have with her help!


Thank you for your guidance, and making it so easy to talk with you. :)

I really felt comfortable talking to her and she had some great feedback for me to apply in my life!


Jennifer has been very supportive of me. I feel like I have someone on my side. I found her when I needed her most.


I am thankful for every session I have with Jennifer! She has a very calming presence and she is a great listener. She makes me feel at ease during our sessions and throughout the week with encouraging messages and she has empowered me to make important changes in my life.


I have only been working with Jennifer for a few weeks, and yet she has been so incredibly helpful. I trust her, she doesn't judge, and she supports me. After my in-person therapist died unexpectedly a year ago I didn't think I'd find another professional.


I think in the short amount of time I've been with my therapist she truly understands me and listens to me to suggest the best tools to help me understand and move forward in what I'm dealing with personally.  I'd like to thank Jen for that.


Jennifer's been a great active listener throughout this journey. I've seen so many improvements in myself in such a short time. Thanks Jennifer for helping me accomplish my goals of building confidence. Her advice and soft tone makes it easy to open up and express yourself.


Jenny has exuded empathy and is always there when I need her. She has provided critical support to help me with my relationship, likely saving it jn fact, and works with me to map out a plan of sustainability. Highly recommend her seervices for anxiety, depression, addiction, and relationships.


I have been talking with Jennifer now for about a month. I am going through the loss of my father and some struggles in my marriage, but a few other things. I’m a mess. Jennifer was always there, encouraging, giving advice that was appropriate to my situations, and also if she was there during the week, that was not during my session, if I needed to shoot her a message. I recommend you and anyone who needs a kind understanding therapist.


Jennifer has been great! I very much appreciate her timeliness in responses, her follow up and encouragement. I feel like I have her at my fingertips anytime and all the time!!

The best therapist ever! She cares so much and really helps in tough situations. I highly recommend Jennifer Spinner as a therapist.

Caring attentive a very good therapist


I can’t say enough amazing things about Jenny!! She had helped me during one of the darkest times in my life and has literally helped change everything for the better. Her positivity, encouragement and insight has helped me in more ways than one, and her guidance has helped me find a path forward. I look forward to our sessions & I’m so thankful for Jenny and all she’s done for me. You won’t be disappointed working with her!


I have only been working with Jennifer for a month or so now, but in that short amount of time my life has completely changed in ways I always hoped for and imaged! Early on she encouraged me to make a vision board, and also gave me priceless relationship communication advice and I’m so glad I listened to her guidance. I am now engaged to the man of my dreams and we just went under contract on a beautiful home we’ve always wanted AND I got a raise! Look no further, Jennifer is your girl if you want to make positive changes in your life! ❤️